How to choose a high-quality liquid highlighter

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      Liquid highlighter is a common office supplies that can help us write, mark and highlight key points more conveniently and effectively. Compared to traditional highlighters, liquid highlighters offer the advantages of more vivid colors, finer strokes, and longer lifespan. However, the quality of liquid highlighters on the market varies. Choosing a high-quality liquid highlighter is crucial to improving work efficiency and writing quality. This article will show you how to choose a high-quality liquid highlighter.

      Before picking out high-quality liquid highlighters, you first need to have a basic understanding of them. Liquid highlighter usually consists of three parts: pen shell, fluorescent ink and pen tip. The key is fluorescent ink, which contains special fluorescent dyes that glow brightly when exposed to ultraviolet light. High-quality liquid highlighter ink should flow well, dry quickly, and be impervious to paper.

      Features of high quality liquid highlighter:

      1. Vibrant Color: A high-quality liquid highlighter should have vibrant and even color that is clearly visible on a variety of surfaces.

      2. Good covering power: High-quality highlighter ink should have a certain covering power and be able to effectively cover text or images.

      3. Quick-drying: High-quality highlighters dry quickly and will not leave smudges or cause page sticking.

      4. Not easy to fade: High-quality highlighter ink has strong durability, and the color remains as bright as new after long-term use.

      5. Safe and non-toxic: High-quality highlighters should be made of safe and non-toxic raw materials, which are harmless to the human body and the environment.

      6. Comfortable grip: The high-quality liquid highlighter is designed with ergonomics in mind, so you won't feel tired even if used for a long time.

      7. Durability: Good manufacturing process ensures the durability of the product and reduces the problem of ink leakage or drying out.

      Liquid highlighter

      How to identify the quality of liquid highlighter?

      1. Packaging and labeling: Liquid highlighters produced by regular manufacturers have complete packaging, with clear product identification on them, including manufacturer, ingredients, instructions for use, etc.

      2. Observe the appearance: Check whether the pen case is solid and intact, whether the pen clip is firm, and whether the pen tip is neat and free of burrs.

      3. Trial experience: Try to ask for a trial before purchasing to feel the smoothness of writing, whether the color is uniform, whether there is any peculiar smell, etc.

      4. Check user reviews: Refer to other users’ feedback, especially comments on product durability and performance stability.

      5. Ask about after-sales service: Understand the after-sales service provided by the merchant. High-quality after-sales service is often a sign of good product quality.

      In addition to paying attention to quality when choosing liquid highlighters that suits you, you also need to consider your actual needs:

      1. Usage scenario: Choose the appropriate model according to the environment where you use the highlighter (such as office, library or outdoors).

      2. Commonly used colors: Consider the colors you use most often, some brands may offer multiple color options.

      3. Budget range: Determine how much you're willing to pay for a high-quality liquid highlighter and look for the best option within that range.

      Choosing a high-quality liquid highlighter is crucial to improving your productivity and learning experience. By understanding the basics of liquid highlighters, identifying their characteristics, and knowing the right way to pick one, you can more easily find a high-quality product that's right for you. Remember, investing in a good liquid highlighter will not only improve the quality of your work, but also make your experience more enjoyable.

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