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      As a manufacturer focuses on the research & development & sell of formation drones and control software for light show and sell whole package of the equipments, we are the navigator who has host more than 4000 times of performances to customers all over the world.  In Sep. 2020, we got the Guinness World Record with 3051 drones. Relying on the advantages of safety and stability, Shenzhen Damoda was selected by CCTV(China Central Television) as the exclusive drone performance company for three consecutive years and honored to become the officially exclusive drone performance partner of China Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai .

        Videos:  https://www.youtube.com/@shenzhendamodadroneshow3495 

                 Outdoor V3 drone show click here (landing)

                 Outdoor V3 drone show click here  (taking off)

                 Outdoor V3 drone show click here  (show)

                  Expo Dubai show click here

                  Scannable QR CODE show click here  

                  Youtube channel click here

      Pls Check all the Q&A as below:

      1. How many drones should we buy from your company at least(MOQ)?


      2. Are you also providing exclusive software?

      Our design software is Maya compatible, our in-house developed Maya plugin and version updates onwards is inclusive in the purchase package (the software plugin is charged on an annual subscription fee, as for the MAYA software, you need to subscribe it online from MAYA.

      3. Of course, it'll depend on the content we want to express, but is it possible to do all the training (such as 2D, 3D simulation design, flight path design, etc.) in 10 days, assuming that we usually perform in 100 to 200 units(drone)?

      Drones control software training within 10 days, design training in 15 days. Total 25 days.

      4. How many engineers should be involved in training when assuming that we usually perform in 100 to 200 units(drone)?

      Three people for supporting a 100-200 drones operation, one is the operation leader who must acquire knowledge on drone show operation and control via the online training, the other two act as support staff. For the graphics design, you should have one to two staffs who are good at using MAYA software.

      5. What is the docking container?  Do we have to purchase docking container facilities separately?

      The docking container is where the drones are kept, it is  a container and also acts as a docking station for takeoff and landing. You may refer to the pictures attached herein, the docking container is included in the package, we will provide a detailed quotation later on where you will see the individual line items.

      Best Regards,
      何振川 Charles He
      副总经理 Vice General Manager
      Mobile:+86 13530609185 (Wechat)
                 +86 18938697405(WhatsApp)
      SKYPE ID:live:.cid.ecadb00a4a17b85a (Charles Heseri)
      Wechat ID: 2575758636
      Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology Co.,Ltd
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      Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology Co.,Ltd

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